New Playbook

Look beyond transparency mandates to position your business for future success

The work required to meet the transparency mandates provides forward-thinking payers with a hidden opportunity.
Transparency Playbook

There are ten important steps for ensuring compliance with the transparency mandates. By building products, services and other initiatives that leverage this work, you can also strengthen your competitive advantage.

These steps roll up into four areas:

  • MRF Creation
  • Connect cost data with provider directory data
  • Ongoing compliance
  • Prepare for mandate elements currently on hold


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Key Quotes

“You should approach the deadlines in stages, but you should also remember that the mandates are interconnected. That is because there is an interplay between provider data under the No Surprises Act and cost data under Transparency in Coverage”

– Dennis Charland, Senior Vice President of Sales at Sapphire Digital, a Zelis company

“The regulations are a starting point. They are something to build off. Think of it like building a house. The regulation may say, ‘You need a sink,’ but there is so much more you can do besides just putting in a standard sink”

– Madison Goldfischer, Vice President of Product Innovation at Zelis