Unlock Healthcare Pricing Insights

With Zelis Price Map, you can unlock healthcare pricing transparency for Medicare hospitals by using aggregated CMS data to benchmark your plan’s Medicare reimbursement rate to the facility’s actual amount.

Use the map’s colored pins to see drilled-down details on specific facility, provider, and inpatient/outpatient claim reimbursement. This data can help you identify opportunities to effectively incorporate alternative plan models such as Reference Based Pricing or Provider Direct Contracting.

Price Map

Our Price Map can help you benchmark your plan’s Medicare reimbursement rate to the facility’s actual amount, identify potentially hostile environments for payers, and find regions where alternative plan models can thrive, like reference based pricing or provider direct contracting.

These maps show the overall ratios of charges to actual Medicare payment for all Medicare-certified hospitals across the United States. The data is based on the top 100 MS-DRGs and top 30 APCs.

Select the colored pin in the geographic area of interest to view the following:

  • Facility information
  • Provider ID
  • Overall percent of Medicare payment charged for various inpatient and outpatient services


PLEASE NOTE: The maps incorporate data directly obtained from CMS. CMS’s release schedule of this information is approximately two years in arrears, i.e. the Price Map titled 2022 CMS Release represents data from 2020 but was posted publicly on CMS.gov in 2022.


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– Craig, COO of TPA

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