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Health Plans Must Provide Members with Clarity, Confidence and Guidance.

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For many health plan members, accessing healthcare feels like a gamble. This becomes a major source of anxiety and dissatisfaction, resulting in low trust between the member and their health plan.

Through our Health Plan Member Research, which included 1500 health plan members and 70+ hours of focus groups, we discovered that building trust starts with a humanizing experience that treats members as partners.

To achieve this, three elements are key: 

  • Clarity - Plain language, targeted information and cost transparency
  • Confidence - Empowerment to ask questions and make choices
  • Guidance - Guardrails that help members make the best decisions

Why these three? And how do you put them into practice? Download the playbook to find out.


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“Healthcare is not a normal commodity that you’re buying and selling, and consumers need tools that can help them gain more knowledge about not just the cost of care but also the quality of care”

– Drew DiGiorgio, Wellfleet Insurance

“65% of health plan members surveyed ranked their trust in payers negatively”

– Zelis Member Research Report